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Welcome to our FSNatureLIVE distance learning adventures! The USDA Forest Service, Prince William Network and partners bring nature learning to you through our series of webcasts, webinars, and online education resources. No matter where you are in the world, visit our LIVE programs for exciting, on-site learning about bats, butterflies, climate change, wetlands, and more!

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FreshWaterLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure


FreshWaterLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure will bring an appreciation and understanding of fresh water to classrooms in grades 4 to 8 through a FREE webcast, webinars, and online resources. The project will be conducted during the 2014-15 school year and available on the Internet after that date.

Few of us think about the value of water when we turn on the faucet. But everything we do requires water – freshwater. Our bodies, food and energy production, plants, animals and the entire web of life all depend on reliable freshwater.   Approximately 97% of the water found on Earth is saltwater leaving only 3% of Earth’s water as freshwater making it a highly valuable but underappreciated resource.


Forest Service Education Specialist, Sue Cummings, invites you to celebrate National Bat Week in style. You are sure to make a statement and start a conversation about amazing bats! # batweek #edubat
about 17 hours ago
There are so many partners that are helping spread the word about the importance of bats during National Bat Week. Thanks to the Washington Post for sharing this great article!
about 2 days ago
Introducing the brand new PSA released today as part of Project EduBat. Enjoy this 50 second piece.
about 2 days ago
RT @DescubreBosque: ¿Aman la naturaleza? Sintonícense con #DescubreBosque en tu estación de radio local. Los mantendremos informados con in…
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RT @DescubreBosque: Las abejas son polinizadores indispensables¿Sabían que hay diferentes tipos de abejas?Adivina el nombre de esta abeja h…
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ClimateChangeLIVE: Engage in Solutions! - Share My Lesson
about a week ago
RT @USFSRegion8: Wow...what a difference a week makes in fall color progression!
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